"Malanga Organic Soup."

"Malanga Organic Soup."

"Index sugar in the blood is low and the great ritual of probiotics"
This vegetable is sweet and very nice soups and do a lot of good food for the body.kopi hijau distributor Malanaga is a tropical root that grows in Florida and other tropical regions of the world, the United States, and can be found in Asian and Latin American markets. Malanga is much creamier potatoes and index your blood sugar beli green cofee (click through the up coming website page) is low, and this wonderful soup that is sure to please everyone. This soup is a whole range of foods that contain a high percentage of protein from beans, carbohydrates and enzymes alive.
MALANGA root blood sugar 50 index, which has a sugar index in low-blood, while the potatoes plain bread has sugar index in the blood of 111. Malanga has sugar index in the blood low, Malanga ideal for diabetics. In addition to Malanga low fat and high in fiber is good for the growth of probiotic bacteria.
Organic tournaments Malanga medium root cut into pieces - - 4 potatoes can be used instead of Malanga.
3 - tournaments organic carrots, chopped
1 - Great organic yellow onions, chopped
1 - Great Organic red pepper, chopped
12 - houses organic minced garlic
3 - organic chopped parsley round
11/2 - Championships Video Membership
2 - cup cooked beans organic chickpeas
2 - tablespoon of organic garlic powder
3 - organic vegetable broth cubes
Organic olive oil spray enough to the bottom of the pot
Why water to cover all the liquidation
Salt and pepper to taste
Fry the onion and garlic in a bit of organic olive oil spray. Add all remaining ingredients except parsley and cook until everything is tender it becomes. Allow to cool to less than 116 degrees and add chopped parsley, do not want to kill all the living enzymes in vegetables, salt and pepper and that's all.
Serves about 12 people, or if they are really hungry 6
This soup is delicious and sweet because of the sweet taste of Malanga root and carrots.
"The health benefits of organic root Malanga"
There are many great tasting roots grow around the world, and Malanga is a root that has many other health benefits. As the world was warmer climate, we have to look at new things coming to the tropics, which was held in the United States and other parts of the world that we have a growing population. In addition to Malanga root is very beautiful, and it can be used only as potatoes, plus it can be made into flour for bread and chips.
Good carbohydrates - full cup contains 48 grams of carbohydrates Malanga goodness that are important for them to work, for athletes, or anyone who has a job is physically demanding and you need carbohydrates they keep moving. In addition to when the hard times and calories needed Malanga detain people until things improve.
A high proportion of fiber - a full glass Malanga contain 9 grams of fiber. Fiber is important to create a good environment for the production of good bacteria in the intestines of our (probiotic bacteria), thereby enhancing our immune system to prevent disease. For truth Malanga contain three times more fiber than potatoes.
Gluten-free flour - Malanga can be made to exact so that they are completely gluten-free. Malanga flour can be used in cooking and baking.
Eggplant free - free Malanga is a root vegetable eggplant. Therefore, if a person is sensitive to nightshade vegetables that Malanga is a good food to try.
Allergy free - Malanga has a very low coefficient of sensitivity feeling ... it's very unusual for Malanga or allergic reactions new act will produce flour of any kind.
Great for baking - flour Malanga can be done in cakes, breads, pies, cakes, cookies, cakes, and anything else that might be a regular user of wheat flour.
Protein - a cup of cooked Malanga contains 3 grams of protein, more protein than potatoes.
Features - Malanga also contains vitamin B and vitamin C, and contain Malanga also magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium than those in the potatoes. Magnesium is important for the production of the enzyme, potassium and cardiovascular and phosphorus for strong bones healthy.kopi hijau distributor Malanga also contains calcium and iron for strong bones and anemia.
Weight loss - how Malanga high in fiber, which consume slowly, and thus helps to prevent hunger and promoting weight loss.
Easy to digest - Malanga contain small starch granules, so it is easy to digest, it is important for them to recover.
Cooking - Malanga is soft and succulent large carrot, so if peeled and cut into pieces and boil makes great mashed Malanga, who is a real treat ... but the mashed potatoes creamier. Malanga and mature and fried or grilled be like potatoes. Malanga Google recipes for delicious recipes come. Malanga, soups such as potato soup to die ... and Malanga can be done in such as potato chips.
Enjoy this great soup!
Dr. Paul Haider - Herbal Master

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